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As of 1st.May, 2018 we have established a seperate webpage for the NEWSLETTER
here you find all new entries and all the newest pictures. Also you have the opportunity to leave your comments in our blogs

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I like to show you some pictures of the making of a Stained Glass Window. We had a customer who liked us to make an insert for his bathroom. One of the difficulties was that both windows are of different hight.

The Making of a Bathroom Window  
the existing windowour designMathias gets readyOraphin soldering

powdering the puttya picture in full sunlightfotoshopping installed

Bleiverglasung Badezimmer Mathias OehlertBadezimmer Bleiverglasung Branden Gates
foto shot with double light exposurehere from a different angle at single light exposurel

You can see Stained Glass in its full beauty only against light. Therefore we often have difficultier making fots because at a foto you need the light from the other direction. Please excuse that some of our pictures do not have the right lightening.
At this point I like to quote one of our customers who wrote us in his letter of recommendation:
"The beauty of the windows (of Branden Gates Studios) can not be descibed - they have to be seen."

+ + +  posted by Mathias  + + +  22. January, 2018   + + +

Most of you know that we are full of idears and sometimes like to do things which have nothing to do with Stained Glass at all. Here is the newest example: One of our associates approached Mathias, he would like a game around the subject marijuana.
 Mathias picked up on it and develloped a board game which we will produce in a small edition and sell in coffee shops in Holland:

Ein neues Brettspiel von Mathias Oehlert

Just so much info now: it is a board game for 2 to 4 players. The players on the marijuana field in the middle are chaised by the approaching police helicopters and are running to hide in the trees. Last one to loose. Approximately 30 Minutes gaming time with lots of fun.


 + + + posted by Patrick + + +  20.January, 2018 + + +  
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