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magische Glaskunst von Branden Gates



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Here an interesting order: the client wanted a picture of his sail boat:
Tiffany-Glaskunst mit Segelbootmotiv

I looked through our old pictures and found some more boats:

Tiffany Glaskunst Sgeelschiff in Gelb            Tiffany Window for Rhein Restaurant          

The left is a 50x50 cm large Tiffany Window, which one of our associated once made for the sail boat of her parents. They put it into the window of their boat. The right foto shows one of two windows we made for a restaurant called "River Rhein"  
+ + +  posted by Mathias  + + +  from 2015/16   + + +

Allways trying to create something new: here we present you our small Table Lamps I made back in 2013.  Unfortunately they took a lot of time to make and the material wasn't cheep either. Therfore we discontinued them. If anyone is interested - we still have about 10 of them left in different glass. They make a perfect gift.




          + + +  selected by Mathias  + + +  from 2013   + + +    


Here an article from 2013. Our headline was:
An Entrance gains a new face


Tiffany Oberlichter für Hauseingang

 + + + selected by Mathias + + +  from August 2013 + + +  
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